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Integrating cognitive-behavioral therapy and gratitude therapy for treating somatic symptom disorder with schizoid-avoidant personality features: A case report

This study presents a brief treatment report of a 22-year-old-female, with a diagnosis of somatic symptom disorder and exacerbated by schizoid-avoidant personality features. Both conditions induced anxiety and many other difficulties in her functioning. Her negative self-views were the main issues that led to excessive negative emotionality, both internally (somatization) and externally (interpersonal relationship difficulties). The purpose of this case report is to illustrate an integrated treatment process consisting of cognitive-behavioral therapy and gratitude therapy. Gratitude therapy helps to alter the preoccupation of negative perspectives. Conclusions on the effectiveness of treatment were interpreted with an eye on the study’s methodological limitations.

Read more: https://publication.k-pin.org/index.php/jpu/article/view/127

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