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[KACP Phase 2, Part 1_Malaysia] Uncovering Korea-ASEAN Women’s Lived Realities through Feminist Research


Venue: Vistana Hotel, Penang Malaysia

Time Schedule:

08:30-08:40 Welcoming speech

08:40-08:55 Congratulatory speech

08:55-09:15 Opening speech

09:15-10:15 SESSION 1 Theme: Women’s education and empowerment
Discussant: Kristi Poerwandari(Universitas Indonesia)
Moderator: Nor HafizahSelamat(KANITA, UniversitiSains Malaysia)
1. CharudaLuanglath, Lao PDR
“Women and Information Communication Technology (ICT) Development in Lao PDR”
2. Esther Hkawn Nu, Myanmar
“Myanmar Women’s Education and Empowerment from a Christian Women Perspectives in the Age of Globalization”
3. EomEunHui, Korea
“Community Empowerment through Fair Trade: The Case Study on Partnership b/w iCOOP Korea and PFTC
4. Pham Thi Minh Hang, Vietnam
“Safe Cities: Can Dreams Come True?”

10:15-10:35 Tea break

10:35-11:50 SESSION 2 Theme: Feminist research and ethical issues
Discussant: Sylvia Estrada Claudio(University of the Philippines & AAWS)
Moderator: MaznahMohamad(ARI, University of Singapore)
1. Woo Choonhee, Korea
“Creating Workers Collective for Food Work in Anyang, Korea: An – Eco Feminist Perspective”
2. SabariahMohdSalleh, Malaysia
“Women’s PhD Journey: A Reflection of the U-Curve Theory”
3. Genevieve Jorolan-Quintero, The Philippines
“AngBalyan (The Priestess):Shaman, Teacher, Leader”
4. Kim Anh Duong, Vietnam
Ethical Challenges in Doing Research on Human Trafficking: Whose confidentiality, Safety and Security?
5. Elisabeth Dewi, Indonesia
“Standing in the Midst of Feminist Research and Ethical Practices: Fieldwork Issues in Central and West Java, Indonesia”

11:50-13:05 SESSION 3 Theme: Women’s activism and scholarly work
Discussant: Yoon Hae Lin(Professor, Korean Women’s Institute, EwhaWomans University)
Moderator: SitiHawa Ali(Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences, UniversitiSains Malaysia)
1.DuanghathaiBuranajaroenkij, Thailand
“Changing Gender Roles Under Armed Conflict Conditions: Muslim Women’s Roles in the Public Sphere in Southern Thailand”
2.Norainie Ahmad, Brunei
“Values Conflict and Cultures of Reproduction in Contemporary Brunei Darussalam: Negotiating Changes in Marriage, Family and Motherhood”
3. Mercy KaruniahJesuvadian, Singapore
“A Fine (In) Balance? Employed Single Mother’s Experience of Work and Sole Caregiving in Singapore
4.Cecilia Fe L Sta Maria-Abalos, The Philippines
“When Grassroots Women Speak about Themselves, Their Lives and Their Roles as Advocates of Child Protection in Their Community”
5. Top Davy, Cambodia
“Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in Cambodia”

13:05-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:15 SESSION 4 Theme: Women’s creative leadership
Discussant: Kim EunShil
(Director, Korean Women’s Insititute, EwhaWomans University)
Moderator: BahiyahAbd. Hamid
(Deputy Director, Fatimah Hashim Institute of Women Leadership, UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia)
1.SokunthearyLor, Cambodia
“Young Women Leadership in Community Development and Feminist Talk in Social Engagement”
2. RianiRachmawati, Indonesia
“What Shapes Women to Become Leaders: The Individual Efforts Vs Organisational Supports”
3. Mai Aye AyeAung, Myanmar
“Forces to Work and Ways to Lead by Working Women from Different Level s in Myanmar Context”
4. NurulAinyMohd Noor, Malaysia
“Leading Online Businesses: Challenges for Women”

15:15-16:15 SESSION 5 Theme: Women’s education and empowerment
Discussant: NoraidaEndut(Director of KANITA, UniversitiSains Malaysia)
Moderator: ChalidapornSongsamphan(Associate Professor, Thammasat University)
1.KhooChoon Yen, Singapore
“ Financial Literacy and Sustainable Livelihoods: Strategies and Constraints of Indonesian Domestic Workers”
2. ParvenaMeepradit, Thailand
“Safety Culture of the Women First Responses in Pollution Control Area”
3.ViengdavongLuangsithideth, Lao PDR
“Reducing Vulnerability and Increasing Opportunities in Education for Women in Lao PDR”
4. DkHjh. SaerahPgHj.Petra, Brunei
“The Peaks and Lows of Women’s Involvement in Microbusiness in the case of Brunei Darussalam”

16:15-16:45 Debriefing
RashidahShuib(Professor, School of Medical Sciences ,UniversitiSains Malaysia)

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