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Journal of Indonesian Social Sciences and Humanities

Journal of Indonesian Social Science and Humanities (JISSH) is a peer-reviewed international journal in English organized by Deputy of Social Sciences and Humanities, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). It is published biannually and covers all aspects of Indonesia, regional and international studies from Indonesian perspective. JISSH features original research papers, research/dissertation summary, and book review. We welcome manuscript that is an unpublished paper and not ongoing proccessed at other publications from scholars, policymakers, experts, practitioners, and students.

JISSH aims to create connections and build bridges, particularly between different disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, as well as across regional boundaries and academic parochialisms. JISSH will publish rigorous papers that significantly enhance scholarship through the exploitation of new data, the development and application of theory, and/or through original and scholarly analysis of a salient policy issue.

Read more: http://jissh.journal.lipi.go.id/index.php/jissh

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