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Call for Herstories

Herstories is a special corner in the website of the Asian Association of Women’s Studies (AAWS)launched in June 2022. Through this corner, AAWS seeks to provide a platform for anniversary stories and milestones achieved by academic societies, non-government organizations, and research institutions in Women’s Studies. In addition, Herstories may include experiences of individual scholars who played pioneering roles in advancing the scholarship and institutionalization of Women’s Studies in Asia.

It is important to note that submissions for this corner are open to all institutions, academic scholars, and activists around the world, provided that Asia remains the central focus of the submission. Submitted papers for this corner will be screened by the AAWS Council and may be considered for the 6th Congress of AAWS, which will be held in May 2023.

Herstories submissions are expected to be shorter than the research articles published in academic journals. Please format the references following the APA 7th Edition guidelines and use the specifics in this template for your paper. Ensure that the English language used is of the highest academic quality. It may be wise to have your paper copyedited for English fluency before it is submitted. Email your questions and submissions to aaws2020.2022@gmail.com

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